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The Research and Development Council is one of the many specialized groups of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). The members are a diverse collection of individuals involved in R&D facility management encompassing a wide variety of industries (basic sciences, biotechnology, chemicals, consumer products, health care, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, telecommunications, technology, etc.). These facility professionals have the responsibility to effectively plan, design, construct, utilize and maintain a variety of buildings and facilities for their owners and clients.

Are you already an IFMA member and want to become a member of the Research and Development Council? Request membership online or contact Sidi N'Dioubnan at sidi.ndioubnan@ifma.org.

Please check back for upcoming events.

RDC agrees to publicize and promote I2SLs conference in each communication with its members, when inviting members to participate in the High-Tech Talks via a written description, and a link on RDC's website via the I2SL widget as provided from I2SL. In addition, RDC will put links to I2SL on its website, in its newsletters, and on its LinkedIn page. Check back for upcoming webinars and events!


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