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The Research and Development Council is one of the many specialized groups of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). The members are a diverse collection of individuals involved in R&D facility management encompassing a wide variety of industries (basic sciences, biotechnology, chemicals, consumer products, health care, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, telecommunications, technology, etc.). These facility professionals have the responsibility to effectively plan, design, construct, utilize and maintain a variety of buildings and facilities for their owners and clients.

Are you already an IFMA member and want to become a member of the Research and Development Council? Request membership online or contact Mary Ressler Council Liaison at mary.ressler@ifma.org.

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IFMA continuously strives to provide its members with opportunities to interact, share information and best practices, and build relationships with industry colleagues. Next year the IFMA R&D Council plans to have 2 presentations at the IFMA Fusion Conference in Indianapolis (April 12-14), 1 presentation at the IFMA World Workplace in San Diego (October 5-7), and up to 4 webinars throughout the year for our members. We are seeking a total of seven 45-60 minute presentations to be delivered at these sessions. All submitted presentations will be judged competitively for these 7 presentation opportunities based upon their quality, applicability, and the experience of the presenters.

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High Tech Seminars in 2016:

Through our connection with I2SL we will continue to bring you the High Tech Seminars presented and hosted by I2SL.  As a member in the Research and Development Council your attendance at the webinars is FREE.  The usual non-member cost is $95.  Keep an eye out in your emails for more details.

Upcoming Webinars:

January 21: Learn About Retrofitting Conventional Exhaust Systems During Upcoming Webinar

Thursday, January 21, 1 PM EST-2 PM EST

Traditional run-around coil systems offer many advantages such as installation flexibility and zero cross contamination. However, they also have low energy saving effectiveness and operational issues. A higher-efficiency run-around coil system uses special coils and an industrial control system to solve those design problems.

RDC members can REGISTER HERE for free using the code sent by Anika Sayeed on 1/13/16.

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