RDC Community Server

Tips for Navigating:

After your first login, you must subscribe yourself to the council postings to activate email deliverability to all council postings, similar to the listserv. You are not automatically subscribed to email delivery.

  1. Log in to http://www.ifmacommunity.org
  2. Click on Forums on the top left menu tab
  3. Click on Forum Subscriptions (located on the left hand side of the page, under Shortcuts)
  4. You can then change the default setting from not receiving subscriptions to receive postings via email. Click under the Subscription to "YES" (to receive postings by email similar to the listserv) or "NO" (which means you will need to login to the IFMA Online Community to view the discussions) The subscription's default setting is "NO" in order to change it to "YES" simply click on the "NO".

Tips for Posting & Replying to Questions:

  1. To reply to emails that you receive, you can post your responses (just like the listserv).
  2. If you would like to post a new message/question to the Research and Development Council Online Community without having to login to IFMA Online Community, just send your email to this email address for your specific council, rdc.council@ifmacommunity.org. This will allow for you to post and reply by email, similar to the listserv tool we were using.
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